Compact Biochemical Analyzer
The Lab 004

The Lab 004 instrument is intended for the quantitative and automated measurement of several physiological markers in serum and plasma.

● Kidney and liver function screening
It can monitor kidney function by measuring creatinine, and can monitor kidney and liver damage from side-effects of anti-HIV drugs by measuring AST and ALT.

● Compact size enables installation in almost any location
Water supply and drainage equipment is not needed, so the instrument can be easily installed in almost any location and used for immediate testing during physical examinations and in clinics.

● Easy operation and maintenance
After setting the test strip in the device, press the start button and apply the sample. Just insert the tray to start the measurements. The simple device structure does not require periodic maintenance.

HIV Treatment



Measurement objects Plasma or serum
Supported reagent strips The Lab 004 reagent strips
Measurement items Listed in package insert of reagent
Measurement ranges Listed in package insert of reagent
Measurement principle Dual-wavelength transmitted light measurement
Number of reagent strips measurable at once 1
Measurement time Listed in package insert of reagent
Sample consumption Listed in package insert of reagent
Required sample volume Approximately 4 µL
Number of measurement samples 1 sample
Startup time Approximately 10 minutes
(in environments 25℃ and below)
Memory capacity 50 measurements
Display Segment LCD
External output Micro USB type B
Dimensions 110 (W) x 225 (D) x 54 (H) mm
Weight Approximately 1 kg
Power requirements 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz (with AC adapter)
Power consumption Maximum 33 VA
AC adapter 5 V DC

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The Lab 004