Compact Biochemical Analyzer
The Lab 004

The Lab 004, is a small simplified blood testing device specialized for CKD and liver disease testing that can also be used for liver and kidney function screening for patients with HIV or diabetes. Its dry biochemistry technology allows its use in environments without sufficient water supply and drainage as well as in areas with an unstable electricity supply by using a mobile battery in addition to the included AC adaptor.

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● Kidney and liver function screening
It can monitor kidney function by measuring creatinine, and can monitor kidney and liver damage from side-effects of anti-HIV drugs by measuring AST and ALT.

● Compact, portable and usable in traveling clinics
This compact device can be operated using a mobile battery without the included AC adaptor, so it is usable in areas without a stable supply of electricity. The dry biochemistry technology allows use in environments without access to clean water supply and drainage, enabling it to be used in traveling clinics.

● Easy operation and maintenance-free
After setting the test strip in the device, press the start button and apply the sample. Just insert the tray to start the measurements. The simple device structure does not require periodic maintenance.


Measurement subject Blood serum, plasma
Measurement items Creatinine, uric acid, serum calcium, AST, ALT
Measurement principle Dual wavelength transmitted light measurement
Measurement time Approximately 4 to 5 minutes (depending on the item)
Required sample size 4 μL
External dimensions W: 110 × D: 225 × H: 54 mm
Weight 0.6 kg
Sales Area African nations (sub-Sahara) *There are no plans for sale within Japan

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The Lab 004