Blood Lactate Meter
Lactate Pro 2 LT-1730

A Blood Lactate Meter is palm size, the "Lactate Pro 2" measures lactate with only 0.3 µL blood sample.

  • Required blood sample volume is 0.3 µL
  • 15 seconds from blood detection
  • High data precision
  • Palm size
  • Stores up to 330 measurement results
Test item Blood lactate level
Sample Fresh capillary whole blood
Sample size 0.3 µL
Test strips Lactate Pro 2 Test Strip
Test range 0.5 to 25.0 mmol/L (5 to 225 mg/dL)
Test time 15 seconds from blood detection
Battery 3 V lithium battery (CR2032) x 1
Memory capacity 330 test results
(A maximum of 330 test results for all three measurer codes combined.)
Dimensions 50 mm (W) x 100 mm (H) x 12 mm (D)

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