You can stay safe about your health by bringing home this Blood Instant glucometer. It delivers accurate results, so you can constantly know what measure to take
. It also comes with easy-edge test strips which can freely absorb the blood from your finger.
Also, thanks to the WeCheck diabetes management app, it can send your test results to your smartphone.

So now no need to give trouble to yourself by manually uploading your results in some third-party apps.


EASY WIRELESS SYNCHRONIZATION: Once connected with wecheck management app, results transfer instantly to the WeCheck Mobile App using Bluetooth technology

AMAZINGLY ACCURATE: Highly accurate than other devices and provides proper results in some seconds.

SHARE HEALTH DATA: You can share your health measurement data easily with your doctors and medical staff via WeCheck App.

MOST AFFORDABLE ADVANCED DEVICE: You will get advanced technology with Bluetooth at a very cheaper rate.

JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY, MANUFACTURED IN INDIA: Made in India & designed with trusted and advanced technology that ensure accurate results

INDIVIDUALLY PACKED TEST STRIPS: Minimizes exposure to humidity, ensuring accurate results and longer shelf life of 18 months

AUTO-CODING FUNCTION: Eliminates coding errors, ensuring easy, stress-free & accurate self-testing at home

BEFORE & AFTER MEAL RESULT FLAGGING: Flags results as pre & post-meal reading, easy comparison reference for user & doctor

RESULT LEVEL INDICATOR: Classifies results in various levels for easy interpretation

TEST STRIP SAFE EJECT BUTTON: Safer and cleaner way to dispose of used strip without touching it

About WeCheck App:

Wecheck App offers many useful functions for diabetic patients, like Blood glucose level management, Insulin, Diet record, Pedometer and Vital Records Control.

So you can connect Your device via Bluetooth and it starts recording your health data automatically. WeCheck has another good functionality to convert your records in pdf format, it makes

it convenient to show your doctors while regular checkups. By managing data on the cloud You can prevent the loss of valuable data due to smartphone failure or model exchange and restore data smoothly.

And You can also share data with family members, close people, and medical staff.

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