Tuberculin PPD

For in vitro Detection of Sensitisation by Mycobacterium tuberculosis

  • Diluted ready to use Purified Protein Derivative solution for Mantoux test.
  • Highly purified material, calibrated against WHO approved standard preparation (RT23) for better accuracy.
  • Available in 5 mL and 1 mL pack size.
  • Filled in amber coloured glass vials to prevent the loss of potency in regular usage and stabilized with Tween 80 o prevent absorption of tuberculin proteins to glass surface.
  • Available different Dosages of Tuberculin PPD are
    • Tuberculin P.P.D 5 TU/0.1 mL.
    • Tuberculin P.P.D 10 TU/0.1 mL.
    • Tuberculin P.P.D 1 TU/0.1 mL.
    • Tuberculin P.P.D 2 TU/0.1 mL.