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Dec 04, 2018

Strengthening Global Sales Networks in the Middle East Region

ARKRAY Expands to its 13th Country
with a New Branch in Dubai

ARKRAY, Inc. has established new sales office, "ARKRAY Middle East Branch", in the major Middle East economic hub of Dubai. This office will act as a base for business in the Middle East region, which along with Asia has shown remarkable growth in its medical device economy. This will allow the company to engage in more proactive sales activities and accelerate the expansion of its overseas business.

On December 4, 2018, ARKRAY, Inc. (hereunder, ARKRAY) established the "ARKRAY Middle East Branch" (Dubai branch) in the United Arab Emirates capital of Dubai (hereunder, Dubai).

Due to the rapid economic development of the Middle East in recent years, and the improvement in living standards which has correlated with that development, life-style diseases are on the rise. The diabetic population in particular rose to 39 million in 2017 and is expected to increase 72% to 67 million people by 2045*.

Until now, ARKRAY's Netherland-based group company ARKRAY Europe, B.V. had single-handedly overseen and expanded business in Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa for 10 years. With the medical device market in the Middle East expected to undergo even more growth, ARKRAY established the Dubai branch with the goal of providing more detailed services tailored to the local population. The Dubai branch will take advantage of the Dubai International Airport's free zone (DAFZA), allowing ARKRAY to take action in a timelier manner for the countries of the Middle East.

ARKRAY will aim for greater customer satisfaction and business expansion while continuing to strengthen its sales & service networks on the global market.

*International Diabetes Federation "Diabetes Atlas Eighth Edition 2017"

New Branch Overview

Branch Name ARKRAY Middle East Branch *A branch of ARKRAY Europe, B.V.
Location Building 6WA, Room 527, Dubai Airport Freezone, P.O. Box:371692, Dubai, UAE
tel: +971-4-2146552  fax: +971-4-2146554
Business Start Date December 4, 2018
Business Description Sale of and customer support for clinical testing devices and reagents