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Aug 31, 2015

Supporting the Frontlines of Emergency Testing
- Addition of 'Creatinine' and 'Chloride' to Blood Gas Analyzer Analytes -

ARKRAY, Inc. (head office: Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City; President & CEO, Representative Director: Takeshi Matsuda) will commence distribution of the measurement card C-plus for use with the Epoc Blood Gas Analyzer, manufactured by Alere Medical (headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yasushi Michiuchi), to medical institutions across Japan from September 1. By providing a means for fast, accurate and simple measurements to be carried out with the portable blood gas analyzer, we continue to support the frontlines of emergency testing.

ARKRAY, Inc. (hereafter, "ARKRAY") executed a sales and marketing cooperation agreement with Alere Medical for the distribution of the Epoc Blood Gas Analyzer and its dedicated measurement cards in 2012.
The C-plus that we will now distribute allows for the measurement of 'creatinine' and 'chloride' in addition to the 9 measurement items of the previous measurement cards, enabling medical practitioners to carry out rapid diagnosis of renal function and clearly gauge the level of elecrolyte balance in patients at emergency rooms, ICUs and other settings that require urgent treatment.

By further enhancing the line-up of POCT*1 products, ARKRAY shall continue to support the frontlines of immediate testing.

Main Features

•Simultaneous measurement of upto 11 items with one measurement card

With just a small sample of 92μL it is possible to simultaneously measure a total of 11 items, comprising blood gas analytes (e.g. pO2), metabolism analytes (e.g. Glu), electrolyte analytes (Na+) and hematocrit. (Previous measurement card: 9 items) Furthermore, it is possible to store the measurement cards between 15-30℃, allowing the user to use them immediately at a time of emergency.

•Simple and fast measurement of creatinine

Creatinine measurement result is provided just 5 minutes after blood sampling. Since the patient's eGFR*2 can be calculated automatically by inputting the patient's gender and age into the Epoc Host, it is possible to quickly grasp the value of this index, which is extremely vital for determining the amount and time-frame for the administration of medication to patients that have been diagnosed with renal dysfunction. This also allows medical practitioners to determine the risk of contrast nephropathy more smoothly for patients with cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease who are transported by ambulances.

•Gauging electrolyte balance with chlorine measurement

Gauging the accurate balance of electrolytes is a vital additional measure for medical practitioners to make an appropriate judgment on how much transfusion liquid or replenisher is required for treatment. The addition of chlorine to the measurement items such as sodium and bicarbonate ions of the previous card allows medical practitioners to calculate the anion gap*3 with ease.

•No need for maintenance

Electrodes, calibration solution and flow lines are all contained inside the measurement card eliminating the need for regular maintenance associated with larger installed blood gas analyzers.

C-plus: allows for measurement of up to 11 items

About the Epoc

For immediate testing at emergency treatment institutions, there is a strong demand for systems that allow for constantly stable and reliable measurement results, simple operation to enable rapid testing and the sharing of measurement results data. The Epoc is not only a useful portable device but it also succeeded in providing a means to obtain highly accurate and rapid test results that demonstrate impressive correlation to measurements with conventional larger installed analyzers. Furthermore, the EPOC can connect to information systems within the medical institution, enabling the device to provide significant support for acute medical care.

*1 Point of Care Testing (POCT)
An abbreviation used to describe testing that is carried out at the point of care or treatment such as at a patient's bedside. The types of location that POCT can refer to include a doctor's private clinic, hospital ward or outpatient department.

*2 eGFR (estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate)
An index used to gauge the severity (disease stage) of renal function impairment (glomerular filtration capacity) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) in patients.

*3 Anion gap
The difference in cations (sodium) and anions (chloride, bicarbonate ions) in the body.

Product Overview: C-plus measurement card for Epoc

Name C-plus measurement card for Epoc
Release Date September 1, 2015 (Tuesday)
  Meas. parameters pH, pCO2, pO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, Cl-、Hct, Glu, Lac, Crea
  Calculation parameters cTCO2, cHCO3-, BE(ecf), BE(b), cSO2, AGap, AGapK, eGFR, cHgb
  Calibration time Approx. 165 seconds
  Sample vol Syringe: 92μL or higher
Capillary: 92μL or higher
  Meas. time Approx. 45 secs after sample introduction
  Packaging Unit 20 per pack
  Storage 15-30℃
  Shelf life 6 months

This product will be sold through ARKRAY Marketing, Inc. (ARKRAY, Inc.'s distributor in Japan).