Automatic Glycohemoglobin Analyzer
ADAMS A1c Lite HA-8380V

ADAMS Lite is compact, fast and high accurateglycohemoglobin analyzer with HPLC technology.

Compact size
Compact and small size with full function and performance.
*Size comparison with HA-8180V

High-accurate measurements
The highly accurate measurements are the result of the HPLC measurement principle.
The measurement result includes information of each peak and chromatogram.
The result will be shown in both IFCC and NGSP units.

Cap -piercing method
ADAMS Lite uses a cap-piercing method which enables the setting of capped blood samples not only reduces workload but also helps to protect lab technicians from infection.

Easy-to- maintain
No special tools are required for daily maintenance. Exchanged parts are hand-tightened, minimizing the workload of the user.

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